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Switched from WordPress to Blogofile

April 28, 2011 at 01:24 PM | categories: Web, User Interface | View Comments
I really like WordPress for the huge number of themes and utilities that it has. What I don't like, though, is the need for constant vigilance to make sure that your blog hasn't been hacked. When I started the conversion, I found two blog posts that had been secretly altered so that they had links to spam sites. I wasn't sure whether to be grateful that only two had been altered or disappointed that my blog mattered so little that that's all they did.

So it's with some relief that I've switched to Blogofile, a python program that generates flat files that can be hosted on Amazon's S3 (Simple Storage System). This has the advantage of being almost impossible to hack. It also can scale even if this blog was featured on the front pages of Digg and Reddit and Daring Fireball and Slashdot and ...

Not that that's likely to happen little ol' me but it's comforting to think that everyone in the world could read my incredible prose.

Right now I'm writing this with vi and that's far less comfortable than WordPress's editor which I really liked. But I'm sure I'll find TextWrangler or something as suitable for writing blog posts.
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