Using custom fonts on a web page, including internet explorer


Making CSS Custom Font works with IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari has a clear explanation of how to use custom fonts on your site.

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Namebench for the win! Bad DNS makes my mac slow


Really bad performance on my MacBook has been driving me up the wall the past few days. Closing all un-needed programs didn't help. I ran several Mac utilities on my system, rebooted and so on and so forth.

Still no good.

There's 8GB of RAM in my (latest model - fall …

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Script to Update Blogofile Blog on Amazon S3


Because Blogofile(at least the 0.7.1 version I'm using) regenerates every file and directory every time it makes it hard to update just the changed files on Amazon's S3 (Simple Storage System) can scale incredibly high

So I wrote a shell script that updates only the changed …

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What's not perfect with Blogofile


In Switched from WordPress to Blogofile there are two good things about using Blogofile:

  • flat files are almost impossible to hack
  • Amazon's S3 (Simple Storage System) can scale incredibly high

There's some downsides:

  • blogofile build seems to copy or regenerate every single file
  • it's not totally happy being on …
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Switched from WordPress to Blogofile


I really like WordPress for the huge number of themes and utilities that it has. What I don't like, though, is the need for constant vigilance to make sure that your blog hasn't been hacked. When I started the conversion, I found two blog posts that had been secretly altered …

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Twitter phishers are after your password


I was burned by this one! Graham Cluley writes a nice article on his blog called Twitter phishers are after your password

What was really appalling to me was getting burned by this screen:

Fake twitter login screen

Twitter, like Facebook, lets you use other sites by handling authorization. I'd been having serious problems …

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Cargo bikes for greener business deliveries in congested cities


These cargo bikes seem really neat for emissions free deliveries in the city. Do wonder about security - not only the cargo being stolen but the whole bike.

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Greasefire - automatically find greasemonkey scripts


This Greasemonkey script Greasefire looks interesting but it doesn't run on Firefox 3.1 beta, which I'm running now. I find the Greasemonkey scripts for Google Reader very helpful. It'd be nice to look into later.

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Smart Google Reader Subscribe Button


If you're like most people, you've got more feeds in your news reader than you can keep up with. What's neat about this script is that it not only makes it easy to subscribe but also shows you if it's already in your subscription list. If it is, it's shown …

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Enter credit card number to see if it has been stolen scam.


It's almost tempting to implement this just to see if anybody enters their info, isn't it? Scam fail

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