Was reading Deep Jive Interests about Dell’s Crowdsourcing More Than Hype: Tells Microsoft to “Suck It!”

I've spent some time the past 10 days or so putting Ubuntu 7.04 on 3 PCs, all of them dual-booting some flavor of Windows. Obviously there's a lot of interest in doing this on Dell's site but it's not clear at all that Dell is going to reduce the price just because they don't install Microsoft. I still don't have hibernation working properly on my desktop - haven't tried on the kids' or my laptop yet - so I'm a lot more interested in paying the same price as a Windows box just to have hibernate and wireless work without a glitch.

Working on the hibernate scripts is not fun for me. I can't imagine it's fun for a programmer. So, OK. I'm willing to pay to have better support for Linux. It would be nice to be able to either specify "just hardware that plays nice with Linux" or have Dell lean on their suppliers to just make it happen.