In their article Want an iPhone? Beware the iHandcuffs published today, the Times makes a number of good points. Probably the best one is:

As some wags have said, the initials D.R.M. should really stand for ā€œDigital Restrictions Management.ā€

One of the reasons I'm reluctant to switch to an Apple computer is because of the apparent lack of alternatives on the Mac. I don't use Microsoft's software or formats for music, I use AudioGrabber to rip to MP3 format and then listen to those in iTunes.

I'm looking at various lossless formats now because ripping is enough pain that I only want to do it once. Will I listen to the same music 30 years from now? Maybe.

So trying to get it onto the computer in a format that won't have to be re-purchased or re-ripped makes a lot of sense to me. That's why I'm avoiding anything that has Digital Restrictions Managment on it.