How to Read RSS in 2020 is a nice article on how to use RSS.

RSS is a great way to follow people who post longer content on their blogs. You fire up your reader of choice and it pulls in the articles without you having to visit all those websites. If there's no change, nothing shows up in your newsreader.

Some of the neat uses of RSS to follow someone's Twitter or Instagram without having to follow them on Instagram have faded away as companies put up walls to keep you on their property.

The article does mention NetNewsWire, which is a nice and FREE! app for Macs and IOS devices. I like it on my iPad but not my Mac because it doesn't implement the vi editor keystrokes that Reeder does. Both of them sync with Feedly. That means I can read articles on my iPad or on my Mac and the other one knows what I've read and what I haven't read.

What would be nice is a way to way to compare lists. For example, I have a Portland group that's made up of people who blog mostly about Portland, OR. I'd like to see other groups that people have made up that contain the same blogs.