Found this article on HowTo Mount NTFS Filesystem Partition Read Write Access very helpful as I continue to dig out from under the Feisty Fawn -> Gutsy Gibbon explosion ... er, upgrade.

The key thing here is the ability to mount the files so that they're readable and writeable by an ordinary user. I am in the process of moving photos and music off my second NTFS-formatted drive. I may reformat it as ext3 or I may not but I want to know that I've got copies on my first NTFS-formatted drive (which is split with an ext3 partition) and my SimpleShare NFS NAS.

Also am putting copies on a DVD to take to work. Last step is to have a USB drive capable of backing up the SimpleShare and taking that to the office. DVDs hold a lot of pictures but CDs ripped in FLAC format take a lot of space.