Found a reference to Mozy in PC Magazine. If you are looking to backup a small amount of files - 2GB or less - it's absolutely free. Even at 20GB, it's only $40/year. That's much cheaper than the competition.

They do require you to get a weekly newsletter that I bet is full of ads. Don't know, since I haven't gotten one yet. But that seems less obtrusive than having ads every time you read mail.

I back up "My Documents" file on my desktop machine to a friend's UNIX box using rsync over ssh. I don't encrypt it, although I probably should. And I have to run it manually. I'm still figuring out Mozy, which is backing up my files as I write this. Which encrypts files for you and runs automatically.

Backing up your Quicken, favorite photos and other data for free?
What a great deal!

If you do signup, please use my referral code of AFR4AD or just go to Mozy via this link. I can use the extra 256MB! )