Do you use Google Reader? I've thought that other readers were better beause they're faster. I really like RSS Owl, which uses IE to display pages. It's based on Java and is cross-platform, usable on Macs, Windows and Linux. It uses one file to track what feeds you read.

Problem is, there's no standard way to show how far you've read in a newsfeed. Articles are updated, the online services fetch them at different times - Google and Bloglines are online all the time but your RSS reader probably is not. So I can't easily keep offline readers in sync unless they're hooked up to something to like FeedDemon.

That costs money, which would be OK, except that they have Mac and Windows (and BlackBerry) but no Linux. Plus I don't - or want to know - what their licensing scheme is. If I have it on my laptop and my desktop, is that one instance? It's probably two.

So I made the decision to stick with Google reader which also works on my Blackberry, though not in a great fashion.

I've really not been happy with the way that they did "email an article". But they've introduced a new way of doing that and I'm much happier with their implementation. Hmmm. I'd show you a screenshot except that I don't know how to do that in Linux. I will figure it out.

Prompted by There are people who don't use feed readers?