I ordered from BicycleTrailers.com a Baby Jogger Tailwind trailer that I ended up returning. I ended up returning it mostly because it had no storage room at all. I'm toting my son in the trailer and he needs his lunch, sometimes a change of clothes, etc. And it's nice to have that behind him where he can't get at it.

The trailer itself, while a bit on the heavy side, was extremely well built and had some very nice touches compared to our Burley LadyBug trailer. It seems likely that the Baby Jogger folks were aiming this at people who want to jog with young kids and that having no storage room was a feature, since the missing space gives a runner room for their legs to step forward.

Part of the packaging was a flyer from the parent company TipToeTurtle.com. As well as BicycleTrailers.com, they have 8 other domain names that focus on high chairs or [travel beds] (https://www.sparebed.com) or child carriers and so on. They seem like a really nice, organized company.

I was expecting to have problems when I sent the trailer back - it's never as easy to package it back up . However, they were as fast and responsive with updates on receiving the trailer and processing the refund as they were on the order. I would happily do business with them again.