I was burned by this one! Graham Cluley writes a nice article on his blog called Twitter phishers are after your password

What was really appalling to me was getting burned by this screen:

Fake twitter login screen

Twitter, like Facebook, lets you use other sites by handling authorization. I'd been having serious problems with Twitter not accepting my password (as were thousands of others, apparently) and it just got fixed last week.

So even though I was logged in and active on twitter.com, I wasn't surprised to be prompted to login. And I didn't look closely enough at the URL.

Of course I wasn't surprised to see this:

Fail whale

Takeaways? Twitter has becoming more and more reliable. They are fixing bugs. And we all need to watch where we're going - sometimes we think we're someplace we're not.

images courtesy of Sophos I copied them so they won't take their bandwidth or disappear if they change their links.