I write these blog posts for myself but I certainly don't object to other people reading them and (hopefully) finding them useful or insightful. What seems like a good way to get them out into the world is to tweet the blog title and URL. Maybe somebody will be looking for what I'm writing about.1

There have been a few scripts or programs written to tweet over the years. Unfortunately, most of them were abandoned years ago.

The only one that seems to be relatively active is oysttyer. The last update was two years ago but while that was a while ago, there are still people posting issues and some back-and-forth about how to fix them. So not very active but not dead.

I installed it via HomeBrew on my Mac because that's the simplest way to do it. If there's an update, it will flow automatically onto my Mac. There's clear instructions for other ways to do it.

I tried it from my jdeibele account and it worked fine. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

But I wanted to post blog posts for this blog specifically. So I opened up a private window and set up another Twitter account just for this blog. No problem. But in using oysttyer with the -rc and -keyf commands it turns out that it's hard-coded to look at your home directory.

So what I did was pretty simple:

oystttyer -rc=oysttyerrcsv -keyf=mykeyfilesv -status="my new blog post"

I put that in a little shell script so I can tweet out the new post right after I've written it.

  1. That's why the long and specific title for this blog post.