We got an HDTV last year. After a few months of watching DVDs on it, I started wondering what HDTV was like. I tried getting an indoor HDTV antenna which didn't work so well. I started looking at DirecTV and Dish Network and upgrading to higher levels of cable with Comcast. There's occasional things on ESPN that I want to watch and there's probably a few things that my wife would like to watch.

But what keeps us from doing that are situations like [this]((https://www.marketingheadhunter.com/executive_search/2007/04/spiderman.html). When my daughters (3 and 4 1/2) are at Nana Peg's, they get to watch the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon and whatever else is out there for kids. It's a little frightening to see them glued to the screen. Perhaps there's a factor where the novelty wears off ... but it doesn't seem like it. So they'll need to make do with watching Dora the Explorer or Max and Ruby for the n'th time.

We do get some leakage of the marketing stuff on Saturdays, which is the one day they can see commercials. So far that hasn't had much effect. Yet.