I've been looking at re-arranging the partitions on my Sony VAIO desktop. They gave me a 15GB C: and a 100GB D: and even with installing everything I could to D:, it was still getting tighter and tighter. Looked at some fairly scary Linux-based partition shrinking software. Problem is that all of my partitions are NTFS, not the older FAT file system. Nothing (easy( and free that I could find would downsize D: and then increase C:

A much simpler solution would be to move the 2.5GB of My Documents. But how do you do that?

Turns out that it's really easy. There's a nice article on how to move My Documents that showed me the proper way to tell XP what to do.

I normally ignore the (close all programs( and that meant since iTunes was running I had to move that folder by hand. Everything else went very smoothly. Feel much more comfortable with optimized C and no concerns about the size of the stuff I toss into My Documents growing every day.