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Neat extension for revealing FireFox passwords

June 09, 2006 at 06:06 AM | categories: Web, Home Computers | View Comments

I love how easy FireFox makes it to enter passwords and forget them.  But sometimes it turns out to be a problem when I need to remember them.  Like when I’m using a different computer or want to change my password.

Today, I found Unhide Passwords, a FF extension that will show you your password when you roll the mouse pointer over the password field.  It’s easy to disable when you don’t want passwords revealed but it’s already proven useful twice today. 

It doesn’t replace keeping your passwords accessible somehow, someway.  However, it seems well written and I highly recommend it.

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Rose Festival Time … and people are being jerks.

June 09, 2006 at 06:06 AM | categories: Portland | View Comments

As a native Portlander, there’s a little bit of a thrill every time the Rose Festival starts. Every June, it’s a celebration of living in Portland.

There are 3 parades but the Grand Floral Parade is the big one. It’s a Portland tradition that people tape out space on the sidewalk to sit or stand and watch the parade go by. And people basically respect those pieces of tape.

What seems a little ridiculous, though, is companies like Azumano Travel taping out the sidewalk in front of their offices, the restaurants next door and then taking half a block across the street. You might think that people would think that was excessive and ignore it … which is why Azumano has a security guard patrolling “their turf”.

Hmmm. I’ve bought tickets from Azumano before. There are times it’s nice to deal with a person rather than a computer when things change. Even if it does cost extra. But this is not very nice.

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Great post on web design - Yahoo vs Google

June 05, 2006 at 06:06 AM | categories: Web | View Comments

Really liked the article Is Google Badly Designed? on Google Blogoscoped. He talks about the design considerations with Yahoo and Google and their home pages.

I thought it was interesting that Google was viewed as “friendly” because of its simplicity.  Clearly Yahoo puts a lot of information on its page but it also feels very corporate. 

From what I read, Google is having trouble getting people to use its other features.  It’d be interesting to know what to degree this is because they’re not displayed the way that Yahoo’s are …

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Mozy - great free online backup for XP

June 03, 2006 at 06:06 AM | categories: Startups, Home Computers | View Comments

Found a reference to Mozy in PC Magazine. If you are looking to backup a small amount of files - 2GB or less - it’s absolutely free. Even at 20GB, it’s only $40/year. That’s much cheaper than the competition.

They do require you to get a weekly newsletter that I bet is full of ads. Don’t know, since I haven’t gotten one yet. But that seems less obtrusive than having ads every time you read mail.

I back up “My Documents” file on my desktop machine to a friend’s UNIX box using rsync over ssh. I don’t encrypt it, although I probably should. And I have to run it manually. I’m still figuring out Mozy, which is backing up my files as I write this. Which encrypts files for you and runs automatically.

Backing up your Quicken, favorite photos and other data for free? What a great deal!

If you do signup, please use my referral code of AFR4AD or just go to Mozy via this link. I can use the extra 256MB!

Changes in home pages for Google & Yahoo

June 03, 2006 at 06:06 AM | categories: Web | View Comments

Just ran across two articles showing the graphical changes to the home pages - for Yahoo and for Google - over the past few years.

It’s neat to see this. One of the things that I find personally frustrating about the real world is driving past a place … and seeing a vacant spot where a building used to be. What was there? I can’t remember.

So it warms some of my neurons to see the old pages and say “Oh, yeah, I remember that …”

For Google 1998-2006, see Google Blogoscoped.

For 1996-2006, see Search Engine Journal.