Library use of Linux workstations


Ran across a reference to libraries using Open Source programs like Linux and Open Office. Neat.

Useful, the program that the library uses, sounds neat but it has the lame "we won't tell you the price" approach typical of many companies. At least Fonality sort of tells you a price …

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Windows XP How to move your My Documents


I've been looking at re-arranging the partitions on my Sony VAIO desktop. They gave me a 15GB C: and a 100GB D: and even with installing everything I could to D:, it was still getting tighter and tighter. Looked at some fairly scary Linux-based partition shrinking software. Problem is that …

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Bill Gross rips US economy


Bill Gross is the legendary bond analyst/trader at PIMCO. He has strong words about the Economic Report of the President and the state of the US economy.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anyone out there who's much interested in trying to solve the problem. We can't keep spending …

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Microsoft, I don't want macros


I downloaded something written in Word for my wife, who's a Mac user, and printed it for her. Now, every time I open Microsoft Word, I get an unintelligble message about

"The function you are attempting to run contains macros or content that requires macro language support. When this software …

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pingback versus trackback explained


I've never really understood the differences between "pingback" and "trackback".
Google likes to display older articles, which has interesting effects The first thing that I found that tried to explain the differences was published more than 3 years ago and has way more detail than I want. But this whitepaper …

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Simplify, simplify, simplify ... is hard


WHY FEATURES DON'T MATTER ANYMORE: THE NEW LAWS OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY is a great article on why the iPod caught on and what to consider when designing anything. Tools (hardware or software) are overloaded with features that people don't have time to learn.

Craig's List drives me a bit crazy …

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Wal-Mart going upscale? Huh?


Laura Ries has a great article about Wal-Mart testing a high-end store in Texas.

$500 bottles of wine at a Wal-Mart? What's the message here?

This is especially interesting coming on the heels of her article about how to properly segment: Scion, Toyota, Lexus or Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic …

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Stop the paper ... and make millions


OK, I've wanted this for years and it's still not available.

I don't want paper statements. From anybody. I don't want to file them away. I don't want to scan them myself. And I certainly don't want to pay someone to do it.

I want electronic statements that are secure …

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Got XP? Download LSP-Fix now. Right now.


I was really pleased with myself. Not only have I been running AdAware and SpyBot - S&D on a regular basis but now I'd added Microsoft's real-time anti-spyware to the mix in addition to running Norton. I'm locked down, right? So I downloaded a home page editor that looked good …

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Microsoft adds anti-spyware


Well, Microsoft had decided to do something about the bad publicity that they're getting over peoples' computers being hijacked by various things that IE downloads. So they've released their own anti-spyware program.

As usual, it's got a gotcha: it not only requires you to let it look around by running …

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