DRM = Digital Restrictions Management


In their article Want an iPhone? Beware the iHandcuffs published today, the Times makes a number of good points. Probably the best one is:

As some wags have said, the initials D.R.M. should really stand for “Digital Restrictions Management.”

One of the reasons I'm reluctant to switch to …

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HDTV for free without an antenna


Last summer, I bought a 40" Sony Bravia at Costco. I did it knowing that 1080p was going to be what I really wanted but also aware that there's not much out there that you can use at 1080p. Only recently have Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players become available for under …

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Would you pay to have less crapware on your new Windows box?


What's crapware or craplets? Ars Technica says:

Just what are craplets? It's a cute nickname for all of the software an OEM installs on your new Windows PC before it arrives on your doorstep.

In $60 to keep crapware off of a Windows PC? Ken Fisher talks about how much …

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Why buy Windows Vista Ultimate?


Ars Technica has a write-up of some of the features available in yet-to-be-released Windows Vista Ultimate.

There's 3 features and none of them sound very appealing.

In reverse order: 1. a Texas hold 'em game. Yeah, we know, this is extremely popular. We have it featured in the latest James …

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Better spam - junk mail - control in Thunderbird


On my work accounts, we're using SpamAssassin. For personal mail, I've switched from Hotmail to gmail in part because Hotmail does a poor job of detecting spam.

Lately, I've been getting frustrated by the amount of spam that makes it past the spam detecting routines on the mail servers. I …

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Message aging in Thunderbird mail client


I've (mostly) switched from Outlook to Thunderbird for mail. If you, like me, subscribe to a few mailing lists, you know it's a pain dealing with them. If I don't have time to read the issue from 6 months ago, it's nice to have it just disappear. No stress trying …

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Just cancel the account!


Just Cancel the @#%$ Account is a neat write-up of experiences with 32 online services, including big names like AOL, Earthlink, New York Times, Netflix and Vonage.

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Zillows Make Me Move Feature


Redeye VC: Deja vu has a nice write-up on Zillow offering "Make Me Move":

A homeowner can easily post a Make Me Move price without exposing any personal information. Zillow then enables interested buyers to contact the owner through an email anonymizer.

It’s a feature that I wish we …

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Amazon Customer Votes Promotion


Found a reference to Amazon selling 1000 Xbox 360s for $100. Which is what one would be worth to me. So I showed up and tried it, figuring that I wasn't going to get one of these: xbox360 However, I was interested in how the process worked and also wanted one …

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Why I hate Qwest - (Promise of Value( is just a promise


I've dealt with my local phone company for many years. From the roll-up of Pacific Northwest Bell into US West and then the merger with Qwest, prices have gotten higher and higher and the reliability has gotten a little worse. At some point my wife or I will decide that …

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